Burnham and District
Model Railway Club
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                 New Total Given £81.622.77

Lyme Regis Museum              £394.69

Bridget Houseago Operations Manager receives a cheque for £394.69 for the museun from the profits from the W.H.Penny wagon.

Devon Air Ambulance Trust   £622.63

Brian Chapman of Devon Air Ambulance Trust, receiving a cheque for £622.63 at the Sedgemoor Rail Exhibition the profits from the sale of the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway Container.

Hastings Tramways Club     £519.60

Handing a cheque to Ray Austen Chairman of the Hastings Tramways Club at the Bexhill Model Railway Exhibition for £519.60 the profits from the Hudson container, to help rebuild an old tramcar.

BARB Burnham Area Rescue Boat    £453.13

Presenting a cheque to BARB for £453.13 on one of their training nights.

Brainwave                   £467.4o

Alexis Hawkes Fundraising Administrator at Brainwave receiving a cheque for £467.40 from the profits of the Mallaig Scottish Kippers wagon, to help disabled children reach their potential.

Cancer Research Wales              £1169.02

At the Swansea Railway Modellers Group Exhibition, Kirstin Jenkins Fundraiser for Cancer Research Wales received a cheque for £1169.02, the profits from the sale of the G.K.N. and the Rhondda Valley Breweries wagons. 

SURE,  Somerset  Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment                                          £525.26      

Roy Hole accepting a cheque for  £525.26 towards new equipment to be used in the fight against Cancer. From the profits of the Walls tanker.

Castle Kids Club                £620.41

Passing a cheque to  a member of the Castle Kids Club with top left Paul Hillman Chairman of the Castle Kids Club and far right Ed Bowen-Roberts, Head Teacher of Baytree School,made from half the profit from the Diploma milk van and Thatchers tanker

Weston Hospicecare                               £620.41

Keith Price founder of the Weston-Super-Mare, Model Railway Show,  observes while John hands Rachel Mansfield Community Fundraiser a cheque for £620.41half the profits from the Diploma milk van and the Thatchers Tanker. 

Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Support Group


Ian Bennett Membership Secretary of the HSP group receiving a cheque for £521.82, from the profits of the Ennis Vale tanker, for the HSP research programme, with Chris James Club Secretary and HSP group member, looking on.  

Dorothy House Hospice Care     £771.40

John handing Yvonne Brunton Community Fundraiser for Dorothy House Hospice Care a cheque for £771.40 while she holds a picture of the Cross Keys Brewery that we sold for raise the money for the hospice.

Julia's House, Children's Hospices     £711.40

Passing over a cheque for £711.40 to Sarah Agnew, Community Fund Raising Assistant for Julia's House, the profits from the Cromer's Crab's & Fish wagon.

BIBIC the British Institute for Brain Injured  Children                                                       £586.30

Lynda Williams  C.E.O of BIBIC accepting £586.30 made from the sale of the Shipstones Brewery of Nottingham wagon to help with the valid work at BIBIC.

Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance  £466.40

John Handing Charity Manager Julie Plawden  A cheque for £446.40, the profits from the Eldridge Pope Brewery wagon. 

Little Gate Farm                            £534.49

Handing a cheque for £534.49 to Hannah Briars, Head of Little Gate Farm, that provides training for people with learning difficulties and autism into employment.  

Hastings Fishermen's Museum  £450.50

Handing a cheque for £450.50 to Sally-Ann Ford  staff member of the Hastings Fishermen's Museum from the profits of the Hastings Fresh Fish Wagon

Blake Museum League of Friends        £446.78

Handing a cheque for £446.78 to Tony Woolrich Hon. Curator at the Blake Museum holding our newest Bridgwater wagon..

Lavender Line Preservation Society £372.48

Handing a cheque to Mark Hannaford Chairman and Guard at the Lavender Line for £372.48 from the sales of the Downsview Farmhouse wagon.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance 


Handing a cheque for £506.86 to Rachel Leaman, Head of Income Generation with Vikki Charlesworth  Admin Assistant, from the profits of the Crowley & Co. Brewery wagon.

Weston General Hospital Scanner Appeal


Presenting a cheque for £364.50 to M.P. John Penrose for the Weston General Hospital Scanner Appeal from the profits of the Charles Faram  fruit D.

Diesel & Electric Preservation Group £608.47

John presenting John Cronon Chairman of the Diesel & Electric Preservation  Group with a cheque for £608.47, the profits from the Shell BP rectangular tanker, for the maintaining and preservation of locos. 

          Sense, Café 55                          £600.01

Presenting Jane Tucker manager of Café 55 a cheque for £600.01, the profits from the sale of Warminster Maltings wagon. The main aim of Café 55  is to offer work experience to deafblind and disabled people from the local community

Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust   £362.69

John handing a cheque for £362.69 from the profits of the sales oh the John Wainwright of Cranmore wagon to Barry Bax for the Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust.

Hospiscare Exmouth & Lympstone   £669.70

Pam Warren Chairman Fund Raising receiving a cheque for £669.70 to help the Hospiscare with their work. From the profits from the sales of the Duchess of Devonshire Dairy van.

St Peters Church , Community Hall.  £664.22

The Rev. Debbie Turley receiving a cheque for £664.22 to help with the upgrading of the Community Hall for the people of Priorswood. From the profits from the sales of the Fergusons Ltd. Angel Brewery van.

Crewkerne Museum                               £474.38

Janet Harris receives a cheque of £474.38 made from the sale of the Crewkerne United Breweries wagon, for the Crewkerne Museum.

Hastings Fishermen's Museum          £620.10

Jan Sellers accepting a cheque for £620.10 for the Hastings Fishermen's Museum, made from the sale of the Hastings Fresh Fish vans. 

   St. Margaret's Hospice                          £592.35

Handing a cheque foe £592.35 to Marisa  Lovell - Fox fundraiser for St Margaret's Hospice from the sales of the Norwich Brewery wagon.

   Children's Hospice South West,         Charlton Farm, £517.80.  

Senior Fundraiser, Tamara Downes accepting a cheque for £517.80 from the sale of the Coates Cider  tankers, to help with the work at Charlton Farm, Children's Hospice South West.

Brainwave               £737.28  

Phil Edge, Chief Executive Officer of Brainwave, accepting a cheque for £737.28 raised from the profits from the sale of the Somerset,Dorset & Devon Dairy Co. wagon to help children with disabilities & developmental delays achieve their potential.

Breathe Easy, The British Lung Foundation     £816.29

Handing a cheque for £816.29  Pat Gale, Breathe Easy treasurer and Gent Musgrave Chairman looking on. Made from the profits of the Somerset Dairy and Bacon company van. To help research into lung conditions.

                    Myaware                  £670.04

Presenting Rita Goldthorpe a cheque for £670.04 for helping those with Myasthenia. With the profits from the Showerings brewery wagon.

Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust   £340.80

Presenting a cheque for £340.80 to Nigel Davis of the Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust from the profits of the  Benjaime wagon.

Somerset Carers of the National Autistic  Society £913.36

Ray & Nesta Oliver receive a cheque  for the Somerset Carers of the National Autistic Society for £913.36 from the sale of the Sheppy Cider van.

The Narrowboat Trust                      £540.88

Presenting a cheque to Roger Morgan of the Narrowboat Trust for £540.88 from the sale of Russell's Gravesend Brewery wagon.

ELF the Exeter Leukaemia Fund £661.16

Presenting a cheque to Ruth Douglas fundraiser for £661.16 for the work of the ELF team  from the sales  the Oakhill bulk grain wagons.

Weston Hospicecare  £556.76

Handing a cheque for £556.76  to Sally Davis Community and Events Manager made from the sale of the Whiteway's wagons.

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance £737.74

John presenting a cheque for £737.74 to Alana Hardy, Administrative Assistant at the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance,from the profits of the Cirencester Brewery van.

                         BIBIC £520.53                                          British Institute for Brain Injured Children 

Handing cheque to Lynda Williams C.E.O of BIBIC for £520.53 from the sale of the Lloyd and Yorath brewery wagon, to help with the valued work with children. 

    Sandford Station Railway Heritage Centre    £244.25

Handing a cheque for £244.25 from the sale of the A. G. Weeks & Sons wagon,  to Chris Ballard treasurer to the Sandford Station Railway Heritage Centre at the Weston Exhibition

The 2874 Trust  £680.96

                                                                                                                             Handing a cheque to David Holmes for £680.96 raised by the sale of the Burtt Gloucester Wagons for The 2874 Trust, at the Weston Exhibition                                                                         

Children's Hospice South West  £787.80

                                                                                                                             Handing a cheque to Kylia Gallagher, Community Fundraiser for £787.80 raised from the sale of the Wilts United Dairy van for the Children's Hospice South West , Charlton Farm.